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Crash ft Pixy J - I'm Alive

CRASH is a new act in vocal dance / pop created by the internationally known music producer  Ari LeTennen  and the international songwriter Sandro Cajander with lyrics by American  writers Maureen och Jordan.

Pixy J is 22 year old  Julia from Sweden!

At an early age she started to sing and dance and took all opportunities she could get to perform in publeic

Soon the dream of doing music full time and live as an artist became very strong and when she was 14 she started to write her own music. 

Summer 2012, she became finalist in the music competition "Sweden's Next Top." with a song she had written together with  Michael Sauer.

I'm Alive, which is her first single with Crash, is now launched on the International scene! 


Buy on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/im-alive-remixes-single/id857118571




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